Ryan Bogdan, PhD

Ryan Bogdan, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences

Dr. Bogdan’s research examines how genomic variation and environmental experience contribute to individual differences in neural phenotypes, behavior, and psychopathology (e.g., depression, anxiety, substance use disorders).

He is particularly interested in understanding how differences emerge in reward and threat processing, as well as stress responsiveness, and the role of these factors in the development of psychopathology (e.g., depression, anxiety, substance use disorders).

Within this work, is a focus on how early life adversity and later stress exposure shape risk for mental and physical health outcomes through gene expression, stress hormone and inflammation signaling, as well as brain structure and function.

Dr. Bogdan uses a variety of methods including molecular genetics, GWAS, fMRI, EEG/ERP, pharmacologic challenge, twin studies, behavioral assessment, endocrine and inflammation assays, and self-report in both healthy and clinical populations across the lifespan.