Roger Chamberlain, DSc


Professor Chamberlain has been a faculty member at Washington University in St. Louis since 1989. He teaches in the areas of digital systems, parallel processing, computer architecture, embedded systems and reconfigurable logic.

Professor Chamberlain currently works with Exegy, Inc. and VelociData, Inc., two St. Louis firms commercializing university technology for data analysis. He also engages in significant consulting activities with BECS Technology, a St. Louis firm manufacturing microprocessor-based controls for a number of interesting application areas. He helped form all three of the above companies.

Roger Chamberlain’s research interests include specialized computer architectures for a variety of applications (e.g., astrophysics and biology), high-performance parallel and distributed application development, energy-efficient computation, and high-capacity I/O systems. He specializes in architecturally diverse computing systems.