Ulysses Butler

Ulysses Butler

Truman State University

Ulysses Butler is from Unionville, Mo., and is attending Truman State University with a major in Computer Science.

Butler has always been interested in computers as well as teaching. “I also enjoy addressing unsolved problems so focusing on research felt like a natural next step for me,” said Butler.

During his time at WashU, Butler will focus on his primary research interest, parallel computing. He will be working with Dr. Jeremy Buhler and Dr. Roger Chamberlain.

“The goal is to parallelize an algorithm for transforming graphs in edge list representation to compressed sparse row representation,” he said. “Basically, see if we can use multiple processors to make this conversion faster.”

Butler is also active in The McNair Program, which focuses on helping students get into graduate schools and the ACM (Campus Association of Computing Machinery) and enjoys biking, playing poker and video games.